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मानसिक संतुलन | Mental Balance

Brain is the centre of human's power. Its strength is limitless. If it is possible to make the proper use of this strength, then the man goes on progressing and progressing along the desired path. The waves produced in the mind are so powerful that one can achieve plenty of material prosperity with their help. As much as the brain is powerful, so also it is extremely delicate. To protect it and maintain its activity, it is very essential to save it from unwanted heat. If we wish to take proper work from it, it is essential to create balanced conditions for it. The brain is subjected to severe heat from the sun, as well as by hot water and chemicals, but the damage to mind is indirect proportion to the extent of excitement

When excitement increases, one lapses into semi-madness and his imagination, decisions and activity all appear strange. If the actions and activities of a person ridden by anger are carefully observed, one can conclude that very little is now remaining for him to become mad. If the mind possessed by boiling anger is not cooled in time, then a situation can occur in which a person may commit murder, suicide and other cruel acts.

The A face full of anger looks like demon's face and signs of excitement become clearly visible on the eyes, lips, nose abusive uses person language, the body-temperature rises because of increased blood-circulation, the hands and legs start trembling and hairs stand on end.

Blood Pressure is of two types, high and low blood pressure and hence a change in blood-pressure may affect adversely. In the condition of high blood- pressure, there is a feeling of increased discomfort and suffocation. The symptoms of low blood pressure are different, but there is discomfort all the same due to other types of effects on the body.