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Human body & five elements

Human body & five elements

The Five-Cornered Game: Physicality and the Pancha Bhutas

Human body & five elements

From school time we heard our body made of five elements, some people they believe this statement is true and some of them are not.

According to nature, before creation took place there was nothing except Supreme Soul. In the beginning of the creation first Ether was formed by the power of consciousness of the Supreme Soul. Later out of ether, air was born then fire, then water and finally earth 🌍.

Location of five elements in the body:


Bone, Flesh, Skin, Hair and Nerve are symbols of earth element.


Semen, Egg, Blood, Marrow, Urine and Mucus are symbols of Water element


Hunger, Sleep, Thirst and lethargy are symbols of fire elements


Walking, running, blood circulation, bending and twisting are symbols of Air element.


Fear, desire, Hesitate, hatred, passion and attachment are symbols of Ether element.

According to Swar Yoga these five elements are distributed in a specific order to human body.