Yoga & Respiratory System

Common Questions on Yoga 🧘‍♂️

What is the difference between Yog & Yoga?

The correct name is Yog, Yoga is romanized name of Yog. In modern world both are accepted and there is no difference, Yog is a more authentic name.

What is the meaning of Yog?

Yog means sum (addition) of two or more things, Yog is sanskrit word, which means "to join" or "to unite".

What are the different types of Yog?

In General there following type of Yog available
  • Ashtanga Yog
  • Hatha Yog
  • Swar Yog
  • Raj Yog
  • Bhakti Yog
  • Karma Yog
  • Dhyan Yog
  • Mantra Yog

Where we can find more authentic information on Yog? 

There are some famous authentic books are available but most authentic source is ancient scripture. 

Is Yog based on exercise?

Yog is very broad and wide, Asana is part of Yog which is based on excercise or better to say sequence of different posture.

Is Yog beneficial?

of course yes, Yog is a technology for human body. It is an experimental science. It will improve human health from all level.

Does Yog cure diseases?

Yes, Yog will cure the disease at some extent; but you practice regularly then no disease will touch you. 

How do I start Yog practice?

You must start Yog with experienced person, nowadays so many gymnasts are teaching Yog, somewhere it is good but you will not get 100% of it.
Always start with simple Asana and Pranayama.

Can I do Yog anytime?

Ideally you should do in the morning at the time of sunrise, but in modern life style it is not possible for everyone. Anyone can do Yog anytime but you must do empty stomach or after 4 hour of your meal. 

Who should do Yog?

Yog is for everyone.

Who should not do Yog?

There is no restriction but if you are ill then person must consult to his doctor. 

How does Yog help the human body?

Yog is part of indian lifestyle. Those who practice Yog as daily ritual would experience great deal of peace of mind and joy. Such people always think in positive way and lead a very happy life.

Which Yogasana is best after having my meal?

Kagasan & Vajrasan is best Aasan you can do after your meal.